Wolseley Launches Insurance Services on Quotall’s Embedded Insurance Platform

Wolseley, the leading supplier of plumbing and heating products in the UK, has launched its new insurance services using the Quotall embedded platform. The Tradesperson insurance product, provided by Convex, offers highly competitive rates for a broad range of businesses. The Quotall platform is fully Wolseley branded, and customers can get a quote, buy and manage their insurance online through the Wolseley website.

The UK business insurance market continues to grow

The UK business insurance market is growing rapidly, with the latest figures showing that it is worth over £8 billion per year. Trade businesses, such as plumbers and heating engineers, are a significant part of this market, and they require insurance to protect themselves and their customers against accidents, damage and other risks.

The Quotall embedded insurance platform offers a seamless insurance solution

Simon Ball, CEO of Quotall, commented on the launch, saying, “We are delighted to partner with Wolseley to provide their customers with a seamless and efficient insurance service. Our embedded platform offers an excellent solution for companies that want to extend their brand into the insurance market, and we are pleased to see Wolseley taking advantage of this opportunity.”

Wolseley Insurance Services provides competitive rates and convenient online management

The Tradesperson insurance product provided by Convex offers a broad range of coverage options, including public liability, employers’ liability, tools and equipment cover, and legal expenses. With highly competitive rates and a simple online process, it is an attractive option for businesses in the trade industry.