Rated People launches innovative service with Quotall’s platform

Rated People, the UK’s leading online marketplace connecting homeowners with trusted tradespeople, has launched a new insurance service using Quotall’s platform. The Tradesperson insurance product provided by Convex offers highly competitive rates for a broad range of businesses, and Quotall’s embedded insurance service is fully Rated People branded. Customers can get a quote, buy, and manage their insurance online through the Rated People website, providing a seamless experience for their users.

Since its founding in 2005, Rated People has helped over 1 million customers find the right tradesperson for their project. The platform features over 50,000 tradespeople in a variety of specialties, including builders, electricians, plumbers, and more.

Why is business insurance important for tradespeople?

As a tradesperson, it’s important to protect your business against unforeseen accidents, damages, or legal claims. Without insurance, you could be liable for expensive repairs or legal fees, putting your business at risk. With the Tradesperson insurance product provided by Convex, tradespeople can protect themselves against these risks at highly competitive rates.

Convex: The provider behind the Tradesperson insurance product

Convex is an insurance company with a focus on serving the needs of SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises). They offer a variety of insurance products, including liability insurance, property insurance, and more. Their Tradesperson insurance product, which sits behind Rated People’s insurance service, is designed specifically for tradespeople and offers comprehensive coverage at affordable rates.

The platform powering Rated People’s insurance service is Quotall

Quotall is a leading provider of embedded insurance solutions for brands that want to extend into the insurance market. Their platform enables companies like Rated People to offer insurance products that are fully branded and integrated into their existing online platforms. With Quotall’s platform, Rated People can offer their customers a seamless insurance experience that’s fully integrated into their website.

Simon Ball, CEO of Quotall said “We’re really excited to partner with Rated People to offer their customers a seamless insurance experience. Our platform enables Rated People to offer highly competitive insurance rates to their users, and our embedded insurance solution ensures that the insurance product is fully branded and integrated into their website. We believe that this partnership will be a win-win for both Rated People and their customers.”