We are a specialist insurance marketing agency for the UK insurance businesses.

Have you been looking for an insurance marketing agency? Today we’re announcing the decision to offer our marketing services available to the whole of the insurance market. We think there is a dearth of insurance sector specific knowledge in the marketing industry.

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Originally envisaged as a marketing consultancy and support service for brokers using Quotall’s e-trade platform, Quotall’s marketing division has grown organically over the last year. Director Steve Sherlock explained “For Insurance Brokers looking to ‘go e-trading’, getting the correct digital presence as part of an overall planned, budgeted and accountable multi-channel marketing strategy is imperative.

“But there just doesn’t seem to be the knowledge and expertise out there. We’ve seen brokers being offered poor quality, expensive advice that’s left them sceptical of the marketing industry as a whole.”

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Initially offering marketing planning and brand consultancy as well as website design for brokers looking to improve their digital presence, the range of services has expanded into running SEO, PPC, Email Marketing, Content Marketing and Social Media marketing campaigns. In short, Quotall Marketing is a specialist insurance marketing agency. Concluding, Steve Sherlock said

“The insurance market shifted significantly a decade ago with the emergence of direct offerings and online comparison in the personal lines space. Brokers in particular need to be clear that the digital environment is growing, with more and more business customers going online, if not to buy, then certainly to review. Brokers need to be clear about their digital strategy and how it compliments them as a ‘real world’ broker. Quotall Marketing has been established as a specialist insurance marketing agency to help with just that.”

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