Is the broker of the future here today?

We think so.

The founders of MyFirstUK, James Noble and George Abbott, are not what you would expect of an insurance broker.  They are Millennial’s – the internet generation – and they are busy building an insurance broking business that is relevant and accessible to the 7 million young men and women in the UK between the ages of 17 and 25.

What makes MyFirstUK different?

In business terms the Millennial generation is a force to be reckoned with, and no other generation has been researched so much.  They have grown up with the internet being a big part of their lives, and they are driving the way goods and services are being designed and delivered today.   This is a generation that believes that everything will be done on mobile devices in the next five years.

It should be no surprise therefore that MyFirstUK is a digital broker.  Their aim is to provide access to advice, quotes, policies and service through the digital media that is so central to the lives of the Millennial generation.  Their new website is mobile optimised and their social media marketing program is promoting the MyFirstUK brand directly to its target market.

A few months post-launch they are already receiving a thousand website visits a month.

We’re excited to be working with MyFirstUK

MyFirstUK’s digital strategy is perfectly aligned with the multichannel trading capabilities of Quotall’s insurance system.  Its a natural fit.  Our platform will enable MyFirstUK to provide their customers with real-time quotes and policies online, over the phone or via affiliates.  Allied to fully-automated digital fulfilment plus full cycle, online self-service capabilities, the system provides fast and highly cost-effective trading.

Unlike other insurance software our platform is readily integrated with third party applications such as CRM, accounting and email packages, so the system can adapt as the business grows its distribution and marketing activities.

To support brokers like MyFirstUK we also run an in-house digital marketing agency – Quotall Marketing.  We specialise in planning and running digital marketing programmes for insurance brokers, and we designed the MyFirstUK website and run their social media marketing as well.  We’re really looking forward to working with James and George to help them take their business to the next level.

MyFirstUK are seeking investment – but not how you might expect.

The company is currently running its first capital raise, and typically its isn’t through traditional channels.

They are using Crowdcube, one of the world’s leading investment crowdfunding platforms. Crowdcube brings together early stage and growth businesses with new and seasoned investors online.