Insurance distribution software
Multichannel trading. No problem.

Find out all about us in 90 seconds!

Insurance distribution software
Multichannel trading. No problem.

Find out all about us in 90 seconds!

Multichannel Insurance Software

Real-time trading online and offline for clients and their customers

Taking cues from successful consumer ecommerce businesses such as EBay and Amazon, Quotall has created a single insurance ecommerce marketplace by hosting products from a range of insurance companies providing choice for insurance brokers and their customers.

Insurance policy administration system for MGA’s and insurers

Quotall’s multichannel insurance software extends this distribution capability to MGA’s and insurers allowing the establishment of multi-channel insurance ecommerce distribution of insurance products and services quickly and cost-effectively.

Quotall have used their expertise to select the right insurers with the right products and underwriting appetite to deliver a first class insurance eCommerce experience for brokers and their customers.

Insurance eCommerce that works for your customers

Quotall’s insurance technology means that our clients’ customers can generate quotes, buy and manage their insurance products through our single integrated service on our clients own website.

The multichannel insurance software allows the end customer to generate quotes from a range of providers. They can then make comparisons as required, store them in a dedicated ‘My Account’ space or buy in minutes.

The insurance policy administration system is fully integrated with finance options and the customer’s ability to make mid term adjustments at any time without referral to an advisor.

Quotes, account history and policy documentation are securely held online, cutting out printing and stamping documents and even limiting the burden of email traffic.

Multichannel insurance software

A better customer experience means enhanced insurance ecommerce sales performance.

No slow load times, being re-directed off to different URL’s or websites and dynamic question sets that instill confidence by not asking irrelevant questions. Quotall has developed a multichannel insurance software solution that offers a seamless customer journey through the quote and buy process, meaning better sales conversion statistics because customers take confidence from the quality of the process.

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