Insurance comparison software
Comparative quoting as standard

Find out all about us in 90 seconds!

Insurance comparison software
Comparative quoting as standard

Find out all about us in 90 seconds!

Compare quotes, buy and self service

Insurance Quoting software from Quotall integrates seamlessly with your own website, allowing customers to self-serve and manage their policies online.

Quotall’s Insurance systems give end consumers the ability to generate multiple quotes from a range of providers pertaining to a variety of insurance products. They can then review them, store them in ‘My Account’, arrange finance or simply buy.

Subsequent changes such as mid term adjustments can all be handled online without broker intervention.

All customer account information is stored securely online. It is accessible by both broker and customer. No need to email or post out quotes or policy documents.

Comparative insurance quoting software

If you are a broker either looking to source a product on behalf of a client or allow your clients to ‘self serve’ business insurance products from your website, Quotall’s Insurance quoting software offers a user optimised solution.

With an open source panel of insurers, which is being added to regularly, and a growing breath of business insurance products available, the Quotall platform offers users genuine choice. The ‘My Account’ secure login area means that both broker staff and end clients can share the same information in real time or store quotes for later. No need for time consuming emails.

Compare quotes in minutes through a market leading consumer experience. Access leading insurers across a growing range of business insurance product policies. Share them with consumers without need for email or paper.

User friendly, low cost insurance quoting software from Quotall.

Insurance eCommerce that makes buying easy

Buying through the Quotall insurance technology software couldn’t be easier. Once a broker staff member or end consumer has run a comparison, there are a range of buying options within the software.

If the customer is self serving, they can choose to buy a policy upfront using a credit or debit card. Alternatively, they can take advantage of the credit facility and arrange for monthly payments – which the broker will take a percentage from.

If a broker staff member is buying on behalf of an end client in an advised situation, they have the further ability – unavailable to the self serve customer – to put the sale on account.

Insurance quoting software

A peerless insurance policy administration system

Quotall’s insurance technology offers more than just initial quote and buy facilities. The ‘My Account’ secure login area also cuts down on costly and time consuming administration. Once bought, customers can access their policy documentation on line and down load it if they require a paper copy.

In addition, mid term adjustments are also catered for. So if a client takes on a new member of staff, increases their stock value or needs to change some other detail, they can do, and the system will adjust the policy price. Where bought on credit, the direct debit amounts will be accordingly adjusted for the remainder of the year.

Finally, the system also has a set of system generated emails, including ones that deal with renewal, so that the customer can take up a second years policy with minimum administration.

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