Speed to market
Product build and deployment. Fast.

Find out all about us in 90 seconds!

Speed to market
Product build and deployment. Fast.

Find out all about us in 90 seconds!

Market leading deployment times

Real-time changes through our insurance software

Our insurance system is highly accessible and automated which means that changes that might take months through other insurance software companies could literally take minutes through the Quotall insurance software.

Everything from website content through to rates, documentation and question sets can be easily configured, in real-time, to deliver the service that our customers demand. New products can be built and made live in a matter of weeks.

The consumer website facility that’s available to all our clients to use has been designed to be branded, co-branded or white-labelled, and we can deliver a new version of the website for a client in as little as two weeks. The ability to client brand is not only available for the website, but also for all policy documentation, and email communications.

Insurance software with fast build times for open market or bespoke products

Quotall has developed a proprietary product build process that allows the complete product launch cycle to be completed in a matter of days. Standard product definitions are used across the trading portal or client customer website ensuring the most efficient product build and maintenance processes.

Quotall provides a full suite of products from a select panel of insurers as standard, but we will also build bespoke products for our clients, or provide the facility for them to build products in-house should they choose.

Get a scheme to market quicker than ever before

For insurers,MGA’s or brokers looking for fast deployment to market for an insurance product or scheme, Quotall’s insurance technology offers the perfect solution. Quotall’s insurance software means that product builds can be done faster than ever before, and real time adjustments can be made in minutes.

Speed to market with Insurance Software by Quotall

Wholesale and direct to consumer

Whether you are an Insurer or MGA who needs insurance management systems that give you fast access to distribution, or a broker looking for a schemes or open market offering for your business customers, Quotall can help.

Cloud based software that allows you to manage your products and their distribution in real time and more cost effectively than ever before. Insurance management systems that give you the low cost distribution that you need.

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