Insurance back office
Full functions. Full-cycle.

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Insurance back office
Full functions. Full-cycle.

Find out all about us in 90 seconds!

Full insurance back office

An insurance policy administration system that can handle any general insurance product

The Quotall insurance back office system has a number of standard features which ensure the platform able to support your business both now and into the future.

The Quotall insurance software has been designed to handle any type of general insurance product in any type of configuration – mono-line, packages, single covers and bespoke products. It handles all product data, business rules, models, rates, premium calculations, document generation and storage, at the same time providing complete control over website screen design and content.

An insurance policy administration system with full product control and flexibility

The Quotall insurance software provides full product version control as standard. Our dynamic insurance technology enables data and question-based extensions to be defined by product which avoids the need for fixed schema.

The insurance back office also provides on-the-fly, dynamic document generation with PDF output –ideal for email fulfillment and storage in client and customer secure accounts.

Insurance systems with full policy management facilities

For those clients requiring access to the complete system, the insurance back office software provides full-cycle, FCA compliant business processing via an insured-centric view (with full permission based-security). It also includes co-insurance, reinsurance, accumulations and risk management facilities.

A workflow management tool allows tasks to be diarised and tracked while an integrated email system triggers email communications throughout the transactional process to keep all parties informed.

Insurance Back Office

Our insurance system includes full insurance accounting facilities

The Quotall insurance software includes full multi-currency cash and credit accounting facilities, nominal and purchase ledgers with a user-defined export facility to a third party nominal ledger.

Processing for installments and card payments is integrated into the system and automated along with the credit control workflow. The insurance system supports SOX compliance.

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