Cloud insurance software
Easily scalable. Highly secure.

Find out all about us in 90 seconds!

Cloud insurance software
Easily scalable. Highly secure.

Find out all about us in 90 seconds!

Cloud hosted insurance software as a service

All the cost, flexibility and security benefits of the cloud

Unlike most other insurance software companies in the market, Quotall utilizes cloud-based hosting services. This keeps costs low and ensures extensibility as website visitor volumes increase. We don’t, therefore, have to pass on additional costs on to our clients in the form of upfront establishment or hardware fees or on-going license or maintenance contracts.

Insurance broker systems software

The Quotall insurance system is highly cost efficient and totally scalable. Using ‘cloud’ services to host, develop and secure the system, we can run a low cost, dynamically scalable web-based service.

Our cloud insurance software has been designed so that our clients require no additional in-house hardware; our insurance software is accessed over the web.

Our fully managed virtual service means that no IT expenditure or capability is required. System maintenance and development will be undertaken by Quotall at no additional cost to our clients. Future-proof your business.

This allows Quotall to offer clients free or low cost access to the service. In addition, the insurance software’s flexibility means that clients can conduct business the way they want – wholesale, affinity partnership, or direct to consumer online anywhere in the world.

Insurance technology that makes distribution simple

Our trading experience and the power of the back office system can cut product build and launch times down to a matter of weeks.   This not only saves costs but also drastically increases speed to market.

Our pre-built and tested full-cycle, transactional website enables you to start trading immediately and virtually eliminates the costs and risks associated with building your own site.

All insurance transactions (quote, sale, MTA, cancellation and renewal) are fully automated and are closed in real time thanks to the cloud insurance software. As there is no need for manual intervention, the time and costs associated with processing business are dramatically reduced.

Insurance Software as a Service

More cost-efficient business

The online path to purchase is tried and tested ensuring optimal click to sale rates and return on investment. Our system is designed to present customers with effective product comparison and choice – critical for successful online distribution.

The Quotall system is integrated with offline services for the fast and efficient processing of referrals ensuring maximum conversion. It can host products from a wide range of carrier types: composites, niche players, new entrants, MGAs.

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