Insurance systems
Multichannel trading. Full-cycle back office.

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Insurance systems
Multichannel trading. Full-cycle back office.

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World-class insurance systems

Using the best in customer-centric design and cutting edge technology, the Quotall insurance systems deliver unrivaled functionality through first class client interfaces and customer websites.

Quotall has created a market-leading, full cycle, transactional insurance ecommerce solution with web-enabled distribution facilities. Our insurance systems can provide multiple quotes for multiple products from multiple insurers, in multiple currencies across multiple jurisdictions. A truly global online insurance solution delivering unrivalled choice for its users.

Online by design

First class user experience

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Insurance Systems

Insurance systems optimised for online distribution

Unlike other systems on the market, everything from the administration portal and customer interface through to product design and system architecture has been designed and optimised for online distribution. The system has been built so that clients can use it as an online insurance trading portal or as a client-branded consumer website, or both.

One of the key features of our insurance systems is that, unlike other insurance software companies, it has been designed to provide multiple quotes from multiple product providers at point of sale.

Quotall provides pro-active system management to ensure optimum capacity & performance along with 99% availability from anywhere via an internet connection.

Insurance broker systems software

Optimised e-trading

For every system user.

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Insurance ecommerce through multiple channels

The entire insurance system is web-enabled and totally flexible. This allows our clients’ to e-trade with insurance companies, other brokers, MGA’s and direct with customers.

Clients can use all the insurance ecommerce facilities that the system provides or a selected few. Providing access to our market-leading system through an innovative model service is a powerful combination delivering substantive benefits to our clients.

By bringing together a number of business principles that are well established and proven in other sectors we have built a unique and compelling service for our clients.

True multichannel trading

Fast, efficient and compliant

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Insurance ecommerce

Insurance software to drive sales up and costs down

Quotall provides a web-optimised service to enable insurance brokers, MGA’s and insurers to e-trade and sell direct to consumers online. This concept is well proven in personal lines insurance but not yet the standard for commercial lines.

Our website and systems enable clients to run a high quality user experience for their business and their business partnerships – a great reflection of their brand.

The online path to purchase is tried and tested ensuring optimal click to sale rates and return on investment. Our insurance systems are designed to present customers with effective product comparison and choice – critical for successful online distribution.

In building its commercial insurance systems, Quotall has developed its own proprietary trade lists, business rules and product questions sets that are unique in the market and deliver first class insurance ecommerce sales performance. They are simple to navigate and easy to understand for both your agents and your customers.

Quotall insurance systems have been designed to enable ‘no touch’ electronic transactions which drive out costs for brokers, MGA’s and insurance carriers, and deliver a faster and more efficient service for customers.

Insurance Policy Administration System

Engage customers online

Quote, buy and serve anywhere

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Insurance systems that save time and money

Our fully managed virtual service means that no IT expenditure or capability is required. Insurance systems maintenance and development is undertaken by Quotall at no additional cost to our clients. Future-proof your business.

Our trading experience and the power of the back office system can cut product build and launch times down to a matter of weeks. This not only saves costs but also drastically increases speed to market.

Our pre-built and tested full-cycle, transactional website enables you to start trading immediately and virtually eliminates the costs and risks associated with building your own site.

All insurance transactions (quote, sale, MTA, cancellation and renewal) are fully automated and are closed in real time. As there is no need for manual intervention, the time and costs associated with processing business are dramatically reduced.

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