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We provide a complete insurance ecosystem so clients can deliver the insurance service that they want for their customers.

Introducing Quotall’s SaaS insurance platform

Providing all the facilities you need to build and deploy your insurance service.

 A portable, cost-effective insurance software solution

The Quotall insurance system is entirely web-based, so you, your staff and customers can access the service from any computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device.

Our insurance software runs on secure cloud servers, and all the quote, policy and customer data is held in a database on the Quotall network.

The insurance software handles any type of general insurance product in any type of configuration – mono-line products (such as professional indemnity) and complex packages (such as tradesman policies) that cover assets as well as liabilities.

It also handles all product data, business rules, models, rates, premium calculations, policy document generation and storage, whilst at the same time providing complete control over website screen design and content.

Use from anywhere via the web

with complete control of your data

Great customer experience is good for business

Our insurance software was designed with the end user in mind.  Delivering a great customer experience from web design through to product design is simply good for business.

The system can handle handle any number of general insurance products from simple single covers to complex packages and client-bespoke products.

It also provides direct access to accurate, granular data allowing fast and informed decision-making.

Panel or single products

Simple or complex.  No problem.

Insurance software solutions

Insurance software focussed on the customer experience

Quotall designed its insurance system with the end customer in mind. Unlike other insurance systems on the market, it has focused on delivering the best customer experience first and foremost, and then married that capability to a modern, extensible back office platform.

To do this we have separated the ‘front-end’ user interface and content from the back-office transactional processing capability.

It’s a unique solution in the market place that allows us to build products once and to efficiently deploy them many times through multiple channels with multiple variations in product specification.

At the same time, our clients have the ultimate flexibility to design their user interfaces or websites in any way that they want.

We have used the latest technologies, open-source and cloud based facilities to ensure that the costs of providing and maintaining the Quotall insurance system is very low compared with other platforms on the market.

We pass these economies on to our customers helping them to realise lower distribution costs and higher potential margins.

Insurance Technology

Built for multichannel trading

in one solution straight out of the box

Insurance software that saves time and money

There are many reasons to consider our insurance system, and all of them allow our customers to focus on their core business, save costs and enhance customer service.

  • The system is ready to trade any general insurance product B2B2C anywhere in the world 24x7x365 – no development required
  • Its modular so you only use the services that you need
  • A proprietary product engine cuts product build times down to days and weeks.  Changes can be made in minutes.
  • Customers can quote, buy and self serve as standard including digital document fulfilment
  • A full-cycle back office underpins the system with a complete set of insurance administration functionality

21st century software

built for multichannel distribution

Insurance quoting software

Broker software that delivers more profitable business

All insurance transactions (quote, sale, MTA and renewal) are fully automated and actioned in real time. As there is no need for manual intervention, the time and costs associated with processing business are dramatically reduced.

Customers are able to self-serve through their own secure accounts, further reducing cost-to-serve and allowing brokers to focus on other value-add activities.

The online experience via the broker portal and consumer website is tried and tested with customers and brokers ensuring optimal sales performance.

The insurance system is designed to present customers with a choice of multiple quotes and comparison facilities – critical for successful online distribution and a quality broker service.

The insurance software enables premium payment by installments, debit and credit cards as well as broker account, ensuring fast and efficient new business, MTA and renewal transactions.

The Quotall insurance system is integrated with offline services for the fast and efficient processing of referrals to ensure maximum conversion.

The system hosts products from a wide range of sources: composites, niche players, new entrants, MGA/MGU’s, as well as bespoke broker scheme products ensuring that the most competitive and fit for purpose products are available to brokers and their customers.

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