Insurance Software For Affinity Partnerships


The traditional model for insurance affinity partnerships relies on the insurer (or intermediary) providing and effectively controlling a number of components of the customer proposition including the systems and customer data, products and critical elements of customer servicing.

Quotall offers those looking to offer customers insurance products and services as part of their core proposition the opportunity to establish a service that fits their brand without compromise.

Insurance software that changes the nature of affinity partnerships

Quotall offers those businesses seeking to offer insurance as part of the customer proposition the opportunity to establish a tailored service based on  their own multichannel insurance systems.  This allows affinities to exercise a degree of control over the whole customer experience that is just not possible through any other insurance affinity service in the market.

This is how it works:

The data behind any insurance ‘book’ of business is critical and thus a valuable, marketable asset. As this data traditionally resides on the insurer’s or intermediary’s system, all of the customer, quote, policy, transaction and claims data is normally largely inaccessible to the affinity partner.
By running the insurance services through its own systems the insurer (or intermediary) controls the products and the service making it difficult to deliver a unique proposition to market.
By retaining effective control of customer data the insurer has some influenceover the customer relationship and the affinity partner may struggle to manage its customer relationships and brand holistically.


Transferring control to the affinity partner

By running an insurance service on its own system, an affinity partner is able to take a higher degree of control over the full customer experience.  In addition to this significant economies are created in the distribution and fulfillment of the service to customers. This may be realized as additional commercial or customer benefits.

A first class online insurance system

Quotall provides a web-enabled full quote, buy and self-service insurance system. It has been designed and optimised for online distribution and can handle multiple products, insurers and currencies to deliver a truly global online insurance marketplace.

Our system is ‘cloud’ hosted and highly automated meaning that it is fast to configure, highly cost efficient, flexible and totally scalable.

  • The system is highly automated, and has been designed to be adapted and managed easily and quickly by a small team.
  • New products can be built and made live in eight weeks at very low cost (often financed by insurers).

The benefits of choosing Quotall

A better customer and brand proposition:

  • Affinity partners can have insurance propositions which better reflect their brand and the type of service their customers want
  • Partner selection, product build
  • Our affinity clients control their insurance proposition and its data putting them in a stronger commercial position
  • The commercial benefits of running your insurance service on your own platform are significantly enhanced over a proposition based on the traditional model.

Save Time and Money:

  • Using the Quotall system means that no IT expenditure or capability is required – system maintenance and development is also undertaken by Quotall at no additional cost
  • The design and flexibility of our system enables us to build a new affinity service in a matter of weeks not months saving costs and increasing speed to market.
  • We provide full support and consultancy services to establish and market your insurance service as effectively and cost efficiently as possible
  • Our unique business model means that our costs are very low and thus highly competitive.   There are no hidden costs. We charge insurers a transaction fee as part of the insurance premium and insurers will often pay for building the product on the platform.

Enhance your insurance proposition

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