Insurance Management Software

Multichannel distribution out of the box

The Quotall insurance management software is designed for the ultimate in flexibility when distributing through multiple channels.

As the user interface is separate from the back office system, direct to consumer, affinity partner, broker and MGA distribution is easily and cost-effectively attainable on a branded, co-branded or wholly white labelled basis.

Reduce distribution costs from the outset

Our insurance management software’s unique product build capabilities mean that insurers are able to build a product once and deploy it through multiple channels quickly and cost-efficiently.   Product specifications and pricing can easily be tailored for each channel if desired.

What’s more, all transactions are conducted online including policy fulfillment, renewals and mid-term adjustments driving out the frictional cost of distribution.

Of course, our insurance system is also entirely web-based, Quotall managed and maintained, providing insurers with the opportunity to reduce the costs associated with building and maintaining a platform.

Experience the ultimate in product control

The days of waiting months for a rate change to be effected on an insurance management software platform are over. The unique design of the Quotall insurance system means that product build and maintenance is abstracted from the transactional back office system.

Product details, endorsements and rates can all be changed and implemented in real-time with no system down time or loss of trading.

Quotall insurance systems even reduces risk transfer

Quotall insurance system is designed to channel all premiums direct to the insurer (brokers are also able to transact ‘on account’).   This ensures that all online transactions result in immediate receipt of premiums by the insurer virtually eliminating the risks associated with risk transfer.

Insurance Management Software

A flexible cost model to suit your business

Quotall’s operates a flexible cost model enabling us to offer our clients a range of payment options from Software as a Service funded through a transaction per policy fee, through to a fully-licensed model or even a combination of the two.

For more details or a demonstration of the Quotall insurance platform, please contact us.

The ultimate in product distribution

Efficient product build. Granular risk management

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