Insurance Broker Software

True multi channel insurance broking software

Quotall’s insurance software for brokers is entirely web-based, and opens up a world of distribution opportunities for insurance brokers

For instance, the Quotall insurance broker software is designed so that you, your staff and customers can access the service from any computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device from anywhere in the world.

Our clients own their customers

Unlike some other insurance software houses our clients own their customers.   Quotall provides unfettered access for its clients to access their customer data at any time.

Need help to get your e-trading off the ground?

Quotall make a significant amount of insurance e-commerce and marketing experience available to brokers. We have established a Marketing division to assist brokers with every aspect of establishing an online channel and integrating it within their business.   Importantly, you do not need to be a Quotall system customer to use our Marketing service.

More details can be found here or alternatively please feel free to contact us for an informal discussion about your business requirements.

The Quotall insurance system is FREE for brokers

Access to the insurance system is entirely free for brokers placing a modest minimum annual level of premium through the insurance system.

The more premium written through the platform the more facilities become available to brokers.

Benefits that brokers will enjoy

Even at the most basic level of service, Brokers have FREE online access to our insurance system via our dedicated broker portal. For a modest minimum premium commitment brokers will enjoy:

  • Full access to the extensive range of products and carriers on the insurance system via the broker portal
  • Competitive commission on all products sold
  • Binding via the insurance systems’ credit/debit or premium finance facilities
  • Monthly hard copy trading position reporting
  • Full access to product workshops provided by the insurers
  • Full access to all online marketing workshops
For a higher level of premium commitment brokers will receive in addition:

  • A broker-branded direct to consumer white label instance of the website
  • Broker-specified commissions and fees on products sold
  • Unlimited user accounts (need to register them with Quotall first)
  • Where an existing Agency exists between Broker and insurer, credit terms with insurers in line with existing terms
  • Local credit recognition (where an existing Agency exists between Broker and insurer)
  • Full access to “back office” system (claims management, accounting, MI, CRM etc)
  • Ability to specify and clone products on platform (for scheme/Affinity build) – subject to carrier agreement
  • Full referral facility (where insurer does not auto-quote)
  • Weekly hard copy MI on trading position
  • Enhanced control over content pages on web sites
  • Free training on systems usage

For further details or a demonstration of the Quotall insurance platform, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.


Trade efficiently via the internet, over the telephone or face-to-face

No matter how your customers choose to trade with your business, the Quotall system supports it.

Brokers can offer a direct to consumer quote, buy and full-cycle self-serve facility via their own websites – if you don’t have a website, the Quotall marketing team can build you one!

Staff can access a virtually identical service online which enables them to find, pick up, complete and manage all of their customer’s transactions.

Streamlined insurance eCommerce by design

At Quotall we explore all options for reducing the cost of transacting business to help our clients to be more profitable.

For instance, in additional to providing an ‘on account’ trading option, our insurance system is also able to automatically direct insurance premiums straight through to the insurer for outward distribution to further reducing the cost of administering client monies.

This is insurance broker software

On a whole new level

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