Why the average broker website ‘About Us’ page isn’t

We visit insurance broker management teams up and down the country on a pretty regular basis. What we get from them in these meetings, more often than not, is a real sense of focus and passion about the business.

It might be visible through frenzied concern over a particular piece of bureaucracy, or brow-creasing worry about the state of the economy generally and its impact on clients. But more often, it is expressed through eagerness to exploit an opportunity or getting the most out of a new member of staff who is showing real promise.

We hear tales of businesses supporting each other locally, innovations, failures, lessons learnt and fables emerging. We hear stories primarily about human beings, and because insurance brokers are predominantly ‘people businesses’, this is no surprise.

So all this comes shining through on the broker’s website, right?

The About Us page is, generally speaking, the second most visited page on any website and therefore incredibly valuable marketing real estate.  So, like many potential customers, we visit the ‘About Us’ page on the website of the broker we’ve just met.  Here is an amalgam of what we find:

“A N Other Insurance Broker Limited was established in 1975.”

So you’ve been around a while and no one has complained too much so far. But this is the same for your competitors, and it’s on their website too.

“We are specialists in all types of insurance.”

Really? Isn’t that an oxymoron? Anyway, don’t you mean you’re a ‘generalist’. If a customer is only looking for some fairly banal cover –  and there are many brokers out there offering it – he or she has a choice. A big one.  So what can the customer glean from the About Us page that might swing the scales in the broker’s favour.

Our winning formula is founded on professional staff, great service and competitive pricing.”

Go on, prove it to us. Because, once again, your competitors are all telling us that too.

“We are FCA authorised and regulated.”

So, you’re legal then?  It’s not really a point of differentiation between most brokers.

Our issue is that the passion and vitality we see and hear in broker boardrooms is scarcely ever reflected in their ‘About Us’ page. And, as stated, the ‘About Us’ page is typically the second most visited page on a website. It’s where customers and would-be customers go to when deciding whether they trust you, like the sound of you, or feel comfortable engaging with you.

Why is the ‘About Us’ page so important?

In this respect, the About Us page is as important to your business and the brand perception as your logo. In a sector where you are often offering very similar products to the customer as your competitors, your About Us page is THE place to show what really makes you different.

So, while it’s important to demonstrate that you’re an established company and have the products and services that a customer wants, it is more important to validate who you are through evidenced vision and values.


Be clear about what really sets you apart from the rest

Create a positioning statement that describes exactly who you are and what your approach is, and why the customer benefits as a direct result.

Use examples – case studies and evidence of your involvement in the community beyond the core business offering – to bring the business to life. Tell people about your staff – the individuals the customer can expect to deal with – bring them to life with short biographies.

I think there is a tendency for businesses – and the people who run and work in them – to go a little bit coy when it comes to marketing themselves. But, as we all know, people buy from people. In the real world, you will no doubt network and endeavour to reach out at events and on visits to clients, to new faces and new opportunities.

Do the same on your About Us page. You’ll be surprised by the difference it makes to your business.

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