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Insurance software for brokers must adapt

Recent years have seen substantive changes in the personal and commercial lines markets alongside evolving customer expectations. The internet provides consumers with vast amounts of information at high speed, and brokers and insurers must be able to react to stay in touch.

Over the last ten years UK consumers spent £250bn online and this is forecast to rise to £600 billion over the next ten years. Market analysis shows that 80% of all personal insurance customers are now using aggregated services and 40% of all car insurance policies are sold through aggregators.

Insurance software must deliver choice for customers

The way customers buy their insurance has changed – they now look for, and expect, comparison and choice when shopping for their insurance. This phenomenon is extending across insurance markets and is defining the service that customers expect from their brokers.

Quotall has created a market-leading, full-cycle, transactional insurance software solution with web-enabled distribution facilities. Our insurance system can provide multiple quotes, for multiple products from multiple insurers, in multiple currencies, across multiple jurisdictions to deliver a truly global online insurance solution delivering unrivaled choice for its users.

Aggregation in the personal lines market place was a natural evolution given the proliferation of insurance websites. It has also had a significant impact on consumer expectations in relation to brand and product choice.

Consumers seek services that enable them to compare brands, products and prices and this has not been confined to the personal lines markets. In recent years Google has reported a 40% year-on-year growth in search volumes for comparison services in commercial lines.

Insurance software for brokers must be cost efficient

Inevitably the transparency that the internet brings to insurance markets drives commoditisation and lower premiums.

To help maintain or even enhance profitability, we believe insurers and brokers must adopt fast and efficient web-based insurance systems.

At Quotall we also believe in a future where high touch, high cost servicing will be provided solely to high value customers and low-touch, fast and efficient processes can be used for low value business without sacrificing service.

Insurance software cost

The best customer experience and an affordable broker software solution

Customers expect choice in both the direct and broker channels, but in developing low touch processes to handle low value business, customer choice is often sacrificed to reduce complexity and cost.

At Quotall we are convinced that you can provide customer choice and great service at low cost.

Our insurance software has been optimised for online insurance e-commerce, and at its heart is an enterprise-class, full cycle transactional insurance system designed to handle multiple products from multiple product providers.

If you would like to find out more, or to have a demonstration of the Quotall insurance trading system, please feel free to contact us.

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