Today’s insurance distributors need 21st Century insurance systems

The e-commerce market in the UK is predicted to grow by 110% in this decade, reaching £123bn by 2020. Today over 70% of households and businesses in this country have internet access. Over 60% of motor insurance distribution is via the internet, and Google is reporting a 40% year-on-year growth in business insurance search volumes.

Insurance customers are on the move, and they are online, using the internet to network through social media as well as to find goods and services – locally as well as internationally. But the impact of the internet does not stop there. Businesses are also using the internet to reduce costs and increase profitability.

Consumers are online

Almost three quarters of insurance consumers start their search online

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Distributors need insurance software as 71% of consumers search online

Software for insurance brokers, MGA’s, affinities and insurers to trade online

If, like us, you recognise that the internet has and will continue to transform our market, ask yourself this: is your business ready? Does your current insurance system have the speed, flexibility and capacity to meet the challenge?

If the answer is ‘no’ to any or all of the above you are not alone, but you need to move this item up the corporate agenda. The challenges of the 21st century are not going to be met by either the technologies or the technologists of the 20th century.

Distributors need insurance software as SME's search online

SME’s are online

Approaching half of all SME’s start their search for insurance online

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Insurance software must evolve to meet the challenge of the future, today

New thinking and new skills are needed, and Quotall has both.
Using our cutting edge insurance technology, we have created the industry’s first purpose-built, full-cycle, self-serve transactional insurance platform optimised for online distribution.

Brokers can use our insurance broking software to quote, buy, adjust, manage and renew insurance policies direct with carriers on our e-trading platform, and offer the same service via a broker-branded customer website to their customers direct.

For MGA’s the Quotall platform provides the opportunity to distribute product to a closed market of ‘networked’ brokers as well as the additional option of distributing via the Quotall open market platform.

Insurers can benefit from the additional distribution opportunities provided by Quotall’s open market platform, and our system’s unique product build and maintenance facility. This not only enables products to be built on the platform in a matter of days, but also allows real-time changes to be made with no interruption to the transactional flow.

The Quotall insurance system has a proven multi-product, multi-quote, multi-currency and multi-lingual back office system, so our clients can offer real choice and real options to their customers anywhere in the world.

Policies are bought online

The insurance market has gone digital. Have you?

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Distributors need insurance software as half of all policies are bought online

The best insurance software for brokers is FREE

Quotall offers its Broker clients a unique commercial model – you pay nothing to use the open market insurance system. There are no up-front capital costs for hardware or licenses, no IT resource or headcount requirements, no product building and no hassle.

For MGA’s and Insurers wishing to place products on the open market platform Quotall will build the products for free provided they are suitable for online distribution.
Quotall is also happy to build product for bespoke MGA or Insurer distribution channels at a fraction of the cost charged by other industry software houses.

In the rest of this website you will discover the full extent of our system’s capabilities. If what you see opens new possibilities for your business, please contact us and we will be happy to meet you to explore them further.

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