Thousands of customers are looking for insurance brokers online…

We were recently doing a bit of research with Digital Reach, our strategic marketing partners, into what people had been searching for on Google throughout 2012 in respect of Brokers and Insurance.

We uncovered some fascinating results which highlight the opportunity for brokers, and particularly those looking to trade online with Quotall’s insurance software for brokers.

Did you know that:

  • The third highest insurance related search term this year was ‘compare insurance’ – more evidence of the sort of insurance service that consumers are looking for. Searches for ‘car insurance’ were top followed by ‘travel insurance’ (who said there was a recession?)
  • In all there were 132,000 searches specifically for insurance brokers throughout the year
  • On its own, the search term ‘insurance brokers’ was typed into Google 43,200 times in 2012
  • ‘Business insurance broker’ and ‘commercial insurance broker’ are two of the fastest rising search terms, with 60%  and 40% growth in search volumes respectively
  • ‘Insurance brokers London’ was one of the top 5 search terms used by customers looking for an insurance broker
  • In fact 20% of all insurance broker searches used local search terms e.g. ‘insurance brokers London’, ‘oxford insurance brokers’.  For more on the importance of Local Search marketing for brokers, see our previous post on the subject.

…and they are also looking for insurance broker services

We uncovered several other gems as we were doing our research…

  • ‘Insurance advice’ was searched for 79,200 times in 2012
  • There were 12,000 searches for ‘insurance claim advice’
  • There were also 21,000 searches for ‘direct insurance brokers’  and 31,000 searches for ‘online insurance brokers’ – good news for those brokers looking to use Quotall’s insurance system to offer a direct-to-consumer website

Brokers trading with insurance software may need some help from BIBA

A final thought for BIBA?

We came across a couple of oddities as well…

  • There were over 7,000 searches for the question ‘what is an insurance broker’ – almost exactly the same number as for ‘british insurance brokers association’.
  • By contrast there were only 2,000 searches for ‘what is an insurance company’.

We’re not sure if this is particularly conclusive, but maybe there’s some work to do in promoting the role of insurance brokers.   Perhaps BIBA should consider a public awareness campaign online, in the press and maybe even on TV?

Mr Homer vs Gio Compario on TV…now that would be good to watch!

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